Our Clients

Henderson Cole Law represents a wide variety of creative clients in the entertainment industry and otherwise, including musicians, artists, photographers, filmmakers, record labels, publishers, managers, booking agents, startup companies, journalists, freelancers, models, actors, and many more.

If you are looking for legal help with your entertainment industry career, starting a business, negotiating a contract, shopping around music, or just looking for advice, Henderson would love to help you take the next steps with confidence.

Here are some testimonials from clients Henderson Cole Law has worked with in the past! Prior results do not guarantee future outcomes, but Henderson Cole Law prides itself on providing top notch representation to all of our clients whether they are big or small, new or established.

Marissa - Tiny Blue Ghost

As a small band, when you are presented with a large opportunity (or any opportunity to grow) the key instinct is to jump on it. Henderson helped us understand and successfully negotiate a contract we were given, and made us feel at ease moving to this next chapter in our music career. He’s great with communication and is passionate about what he does and the artists he works with, which is evident in his work but also made us feel very comfortable to work with him.

Dylan Wachman - Dollar Signs

When I was handed a contract, I knew that I needed someone to look over it who wasn't myself. I hired H Cole Law to take a look, and we wound up working together through negotiations, all the way up to release. Henderson is professional, invested in your project, and was always available for the answers to my many legal questions.

Tom Morris - Swim Camp

Henderson is someone who makes the music business feel approachable and manageable. Going into a contract negotiation with him made me feel confident and knowledgeable throughout the process. He is someone who obviously cares deeply about people and that always feels like it comes first for him.

Nicolle - Hit Like A Girl / No More Dysphoria

Henderson was really a pleasure to work with. He made the negotiation whole process so easy and comprehensive from beginning to end, giving me the utmost peace of mind when handling “the fine print.” I absolutely would recommend him to anybody seeking legal counsel.

Jake Sulzer - Counter Intuitive Records

Henderson has been able to sort out every legal matter I’ve run into as a label owner, and he does it efficiently, professionally, and for a good price.

Grace Vunderkuhn

Working with Henderson was a wonderful experience. He explained the technical aspects of my record contract in a way that was easy to understand, and he was so helpful through every part of the process. Because of Henderson’s expertise (and true love of music), I was able to feel confident signing my deal.

Matt Smith - Hodera

I’ve been working with Henderson for years, and he is one of the most hardworking and trustworthy people I know. His guidance and wisdom have helped us further our career.

Tyler Bisson - Audio Geography

Working with Henderson was a breeze. He took time to know about my specific needs and always checked in about my comforts regarding his services. He went beyond the basic level, and really formed a connection with me in order to get an efficient, quality result. I can’t recommend him enough.