Our Clients [old]

Henderson Cole Law represents a wide variety of creative clients in the entertainment industry and otherwise, including musicians, artists, photographers, filmmakers, record labels, publishers, managers, booking agents, startup companies, journalists, freelancers, models, actors, and many more.

If you are looking for legal help with your entertainment industry career, starting a business, negotiating a contract, shopping around music, or just looking for advice, Henderson would love to help you take the next steps with confidence.

Here are some testimonials from clients Henderson Cole Law has worked with in the past! Prior results do not guarantee future outcomes, but Henderson Cole Law prides itself on providing top notch representation to all of our clients whether they are big or small, new or established.


“Henderson has been able to sort out every legal matter I’ve run into as a label owner, and he does it efficiently, professionally, and for a good price.” – Jake Sulzer, Counter Intuitive Records

I’ve been working with Henderson for years, and he is one of the most hardworking and trustworthy people I know. His guidance and wisdom have helped us further our career.” – Matt Smith, Hodera

“Working with Henderson was a breeze. He took time to know about my specific needs and always checked in about my comforts regarding his services. He went beyond the basic level, and really formed a connection with me in order to get an efficient, quality result. I can’t recommend him enough.” – Tyler Bisson, Audio Geography